Foods that’ll Help with Joint Pain


If you are experiencing joint pain regularly, it is a good idea to check your diet.

Certain foods can be causing you more harm than good so it is important to make the right food choices.

You will first have to understand what causes joint pain and will also discuss how you can successfully manage your joint pain naturally.

It is quite common for people who are suffering from joint pain take supplements and medication to relieve stiff joints and inflammation.

However, research shows that you can reduce your joint pain from eating certain foods and spices.

The Mediterranean Diet

cheese-cuisine-diet-1239312.jpgWhen you eat a well-balanced diet which contains organic and wholesome foods, it will provide you with more energy and improves your digestion.

You can try the Mediterranean diet known for its anti-inflammatory health benefits.

This diet contains low-glycemic fruits, vegetables, legumes and a variety of unsaturated fats. If you love olive oil, you will love this diet!

You will also get to enjoy wine, fish and moderate amounts of red meat and dairy.

This type of diet consists mostly of wholesome foods.

Many patients who are suffering from osteoarthritis are able to reduce their joint pain and increase joint mobility by following a whole-food and plant-based diet.

When you eat well, you’ll be able to manage your pain much more easily. It is best to stay away from refined foods especially sugar which is known to cause inflammation.

Fish Oil and Vegetables for Joint Pain

Fish oil is one of the best supplements you can take to help relieve joint pain.

Fish oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids with some studies showing fish oil supplements can treat heart conditions and improve blood vessel function for people with diabetes. capsules-gel-golden-33355.jpg

Studies show the anti-inflammatory benefits of consuming fish oil for joint pain. Fish oil can be found in cold water fish like sardines, trout and salmon.

If you are vegan or vegetarian you can find omega 3 fatty acids in flax seeds, chia seeds and organic soybeans.

Aside from fish and omega 3 fatty acids, you should also include cruciferous vegetables to your diet.

Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale and Brussel sprouts are packed with antioxidants, fibre and vitamins great for your health.

A 2005 Maryland study shows an antioxidant compound sulforaphane found in cruciferous vegetables reduce inflammation by clocking an enzyme which causes joint pain.

Athletes put a lot of stress on their joints while training and competing. Cruciferous veggies will help reduce inflammation so that their joints heal faster.

Herbs and Spices for Joint Pain

You may have heard of turmeric and ginger, but did you know these two spices contain anti-inflammatory benefits? These spices are very common in Indian cuisines.canister-food-ginger-161556.jpg

Turmeric is also popular in Asian medicinal practices. You can add turmeric and ginger to your diet for its anti-inflammatory goodness.

Research in 2006 Arizona, shows the positive effects of turmeric on rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.

An easy and simple way for you to get your daily dose of turmeric is by taking Cody Bramlett Turmeric with BioPerine Capsules.

Cody is a gym owner from San Diego, California. He has helped many people relieve their aches and pains while improving their physical performance.

screenshot_4Turmeric with BioPerine is a powerful formula which will help you become healthier.

These capsules are packed with turmeric, curcumin and BioPerine.

These ingredients also contain nutrients such as manganese, Vitamin K and B6, calcium, iron, chromium and calcium.

If you are following a plant-based diet, these capsules are also veggie based which is perfectly fine for your consumption.

Not only does this supplement help with inflammation but it also improves your focus and concentration.

Cody has made sure to combine the best ingredients to keep your body moving pain-free while removing body fat.

You can also try sipping on green tea for its health benefits and is a natural remedy for joint pain.asian-blur-bracelet-730804

Green tea is one of the most popular drink that is consumed all around the world.

A study in 2008 found that green tea can help unclog your arteries, reducing the risk of heart disease.

Long term use of NSAID’s will cause side effects and discomfort.

Polyphenolic compounds found in green tea contain anti-inflammatory properties which are natural and safe with treating inflammation and joint pain.

I recommend using organic green tea so that you can avoid exposure to pesticides.

What to Avoid when Treating Joint Pain

While treating joint pain, there are certain foods you should try and avoid.

berry-close-up-cooking-141815.jpgSugars and refined grains are known culprits which cause inflammation.

Pasta, white bread and rice will increase the risk of inflammation instead of fighting it.

Try and limit your sugar intake. Approximately 6 teaspoons for women and 9 teaspoons for men are recommended daily amounts.

It’s best to use natural sweeteners like coconut sugar, honey and maple syrup.

Red meats like beef, pork and lamb can also increase your inflammation. If the meat comes from an animal with 4 legs, try your best to avoid it and eat fish or chicken instead.


You should also avoid hydrogenated oil and trans fats. Hydrogenated oil Is used by food companies to help extend their products shelf life.

During the process of hydrogenation, trans fat is created by adding hydrogen to liquid unsaturated fat.

It is very common for Americans to consume high amounts of processed foods containing omega 6 fatty acids.

Sources like peanut oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, grapeseed and vegetable oil are culprits of causing inflammation.

Try your best to avoid these fatty acids and always make sure to check condiment labels like mayonnaise and salad dressings so you don’t consume them by mistake.

Excessive amounts of salt can often be found in processed foods. The sat helps preserve the food and extends their shelf life.

Consuming excessive amounts of salt can lead to joint inflammation. Reducing your salt intake as well as omega 6 oils will minimize flare-ups from happening regularly.

It is important to read nutrition labels when you’re purchasing packaged groceries.

Foods like potato chips and microwave meals contain a lot of sodium. You should also avoid tobacco and alcohol.

Since there are many health risks related to excess smoking and drinking. The effects of these substances can result in a longer period of inflammation and discomfort for your joints.

People who smoke regularly are more likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis and excess alcohol consumption can cause gout development.

Try your best to cut back on smoking and drinking alcohol. Starting with eating a healthy diet combined with exercise.

It will be challenging at first to give up what tastes and makes you feel good. Overall, by implanting these healthy habits your body with thank you in the future.

Make sure you are eating a well-balanced diet consisting of wholesome foods, getting enough sleep each night and exercising for at least 30 minutes a day.


People suffer from inflammation and joint pain do not have to rely on medicines and constant visits to the doctor.

Although it is important to keep in contact with your doctor, you can manage your pain by adjusting your diet.

Following a healthy diet can become challenging at first.

Supplements like Organifi Green Juice and Turmeric with BioPerine can provide you an easy way to include various herbs and spices to your diet.

It is best to consult with your doctor to see what is best for you. The next step is to remove foods which causes inflammation and joint pain at home.

Always choose and purchase foods that will help you live pain-free.

You can also speak to a dietician for suggestions about customizing a diet which suits you best. Making the right decisions now, you will enjoy life with less pain as time goes on.

Stomach bloating and Back Pain

woman wearing pink sports bra and black draw string pants

How to Relieve Stomach Bloating and Back Pain Quickly at Home

Have you ever eaten so much at dinner and felt like your belly was going to burst? I’m sure we all have been guilty eating more than we’re supposed to.

When I eat foods which contain a lot of salt, I tend to drink more water which makes my stomach bloat.

Bloating can make you feel very uncomfortable around the abdominal area. Your clothing may feel tight and focusing can become challenging.

On the other hand, back pain can be caused by sitting in a chair awkwardly. It could also be a result from doing strenuous activity repetitively over a period of time. Bloating and back pain can be linked together.

Bloating and back pain are common problems we all experience throughout our lifetime. But not to worry, these problems can be treated with just a bit of time and the correct supplements.

What is Bloating?

Bloating occurs when your abdomen is filled up with air or gas. This will make your stomach appear much larger. Your abdomen will feel tight and tender when you touch it.

Bloating can also make you feel pain and discomfort felt in your back.

Your back is made up of many muscles which help you stand up and also lift things. It is your body’s support system. It is normal to feel back pain when bloating happens from time to time.

The pain caused by bloating can vary, ranging from a dull ache to a sharp, stabbing pain.

14 Different Reasons Why You Might Experience Bloating and Back Pain

  1. Menstruation – Menstruation occurs every month where the uterus sheds its lining. It is normal to feel pain and discomfort from cramps.
  2. PMS – Premenstrual Syndrome is a condition that occurs before a woman’s period begins. This affects emotions, health, and behavior during their menstrual cycle.
  3. Pregnancy – Although a beautiful miracle, pregnancy can cause bloating and back pain. Pregnancy can also make you feel fatigue, nausea, swollen and tender breasts, cramps and light bleeding.
  4. IBS – Irritable bowel syndrome is a combination of symptoms that occur at the same time. IBS is very common. Medical treatment is needed immediately.
  5. Gallstones – This can accuse pain in the back of your abdomen. Gallstones are found in the gallbladder. Your gallbladder is a small organ responsible for storing bile. Gallstones are hard deposits which many people do not know they even have it.
  6. Kidney stones – Found within your kidneys. Kidney stones can also develop anywhere along the urinary tract.
  7. UTI – Having a UTI can cause back pain. Bacteria within the urinary tract cause most UTI’s. To prevent UTI’s, drink 6 to 8 glasses of water each day. It is important to see your doctor about your bladder issues.
  8. Ovarian Cysts – Most women have had a cyst developed at least once in their lifetime. When a cyst has developed on one of the ovaries in a woman, it can cause bloating and back pain.
  9. Celiac Disease – A digestive disorder caused by abnormal immune gluten reaction. Celiac disease usually affects the intestines and digestive system but can also affect other parts of the body. Avoid wheat, rye, barley, and many others.
  10. Ectopic Pregnancy – A pregnancy in white the fertilized egg is affected to the fallopian tube, cervix or abdominal cavity instead of the uterus.
  11. Ovarian Cancer – Can go undetected and could spread within your pelvis and stomach. Ovarian cancer affects several parts of the ovary.
  12. Polio – Caused by a virus and highly contagious. It affects your nervous system causing paralysis. Preventable by using polio vaccine.
  13. Fibromyalgia – This is a chronic disorder. Involves a widespread pain in the muscle and bones, increase in fatigue and tenderness around the body.
  14. Endometriosis – Symptoms vary for each individual. It is a disorder which tissue grows outside the uterus. Symptoms can range from mild to severe.

What about abdominal bloating?

Abdominal bloating is caused by:

  • Eating or drinking fast
  • Chewing Gum
  • Smoking
  • Wearing dentures

When your body is breaking down the food you eat, gas builds up in the digestive tract, all the way to the large intestine.

Other reasons which can cause abdominal bloating and back pain include:

  • Ascites
  • Cancerous tumors
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Liver Disease
  • Gastrointestinal tract infection

What should you do?

  1. Seek medical attention immediately if you are pregnant and you’re abdominal bloating and back pain becomes more intense.
  2. If over the counter medications are not relieving your pain.
  3. Also, if you notice any blood in your stool, difficulty in breathing, chest pains, fever chills or difficulty breathing. It is recommended to get medical help right away.

How can you treat this at home?

Managing pain and any discomfort can be easily done at home following a few simple steps. Usually, your pain would resolve itself over time. To reduce your bloating fast, you can:

Drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated!

Take over the counter medications to reduce acid and gas.

Reduce the consumption of sodas and carbonated drinks.

Avoid foods that cause gas, for example, dairy products containing lactose, dried beans, and starchy foods. Eating these types of foods will cause you to bloat.

To manage your back pain, apply heat and ice to the affected area for 10 minutes and alternate. It is important to rest and not to continue with any strenuous lifting, especially heavy objects.

rawpixel-777254-unsplashDeep tissue massage can also help release muscle tension as well as relieve back pain and bloating.

It is highly recommended to exercise regularly and maintain a good posture.

Having a good posture can do wonders for the body and mind. Make sure your workstation is set up properly if your work requires you to sit at a desk.

Strength training is great for developing stronger muscles and bones. It may seem challenging at first but it is also very rewarding for your health and wellbeing.

Over the counter, pain relief medications such as ibuprofen could be taken to help reduce the inflammation causing you pain and discomfort.

However, be aware of the side effects of these medications on long-term use. It is recommended to speak to your doctor about using these medications for managing your pain.

Try Turmeric Powder

Turmeric has been used medically for 4500 years. Inflammation is our body’s natural screenshot_4way of treating an injury.

However, inflammation can become chronic and can create challenges in our daily lives.

You should consider the natural healing properties of turmeric and its key ingredients curcumin as a way to treat your inflammation.

There are hundreds of turmeric supplements out there which you can try. However, they may not guarantee to be effective in treating your inflammation.

I recommend you start off with Cody’s Bramlett’s Natural Turmeric with BioPerine.

This amazing supplement combines ingredients such as turmeric, curcumin, calcium, potassium, manganese, iron, chromium, vitamin K and B6.

This formula is an organic and safe way for your body to feel more energized while reducing your back pain.

Some users have noted their back muscles loosened up and their pain has been reduced after 4 days of using this turmeric supplement.

My sleep has also improved after adding turmeric to my diet.

I am now able to sleep without waking up after a few hours in the middle of the night.

This cutting-edge formula works by combining all the vitamins and minerals together to give your body what it needs to feel good.

Potassium helps prevent cramps and reduces stress. Manganese will keep your bones strong and blood circulating.

Fibre found in this supplement can help clears out toxins within your intestines and improve your digestion.

Copper will help reduce your inflammation and chromium will increase your metabolism.

This supplement was created by gym owner Chris Bramlett in San Diego, California. Cody has helped thousands of his clients achieve their fitness goals.

This turmeric supplement packed full of natural vitamins and minerals to help you feel better.


Final Thoughts

It is common to experience abdominal bloating and back pain sometime in our lives. The most important thing to do is understand the symptoms, causes and taking action to treat the pain and discomfort fast.

You could also consider taking a supplement like Turmeric with BioPerine to help manage these symptoms naturally.

If your pain persists over a period of time, it is best to seek medical treatment straight away. By understanding what is causing your pain, abdominal bloating and back pain can be easily treated by health professionals, supplements and simple procedures done at home.

Vitamins for Joint Pain in the Knees


What are The Best Vitamins for Knee Joint Pain

Imagine your life without your knees.

You wouldn’t be able to squat down to pick things up off from the ground. You wouldn’t be able to run or ride a bike with ease.

It is important to take great care of our knees.

Today I will share with you the best vitamins for knee pain.

Many people take supplements, such as a multivitamin each day to make sure they are getting their daily vitamins and minerals.

These vitamins and minerals can be consumed from the foods you eat. Eating a well-balanced diet can be challenging so taking a multivitamin can help with the vital nutrients.

What Causes Joint Pain?

Inflammation causes joint pain. Inflammation is your body’s way of fighting back against toxins and infections.

Your body’s immune system increase white blood cells to the affected area causing swelling and redness.

However, the immune system can sometimes release white blood cells to areas of your body thinking it is in danger but making you sick instead.

These are autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

Fish Oil

Taking fish oil can help keep your joints healthy by reducing certain enzymes from causing joint damage.

The fatty acids from fish oil reduce joint inflammation.

Fish oil is a great supplement to take if you have knee pain or rheumatoid arthritis. Omega-3 fatty acids could also be found in avocados, seeds, nuts, and fish.

Regardless if you’re vegetarian or vegan, there are many options for everyone.


Calcium is a nutrient that keeps your bones and teeth strong. This nutrient is important for bone and joint health.

Taking calcium in pill form can help with reducing joint inflammation, especially in the knee joints. Calcium can also be found in spinach, yogurt, and broccoli.

However, women are more likely to take a calcium supplement compared to men. Ferg

Vitamin D

A recent study shows people with low levels of vitamin D can relate to frequent joint pain.

Vitamin D also helps the body absorb calcium/ Both Vitamin D and calcium can be taken separately.

Taking Vitamin D will help keep your bones and joints strong and healthy. Vitamin D can be taken in a supplement pill.

You can also find Vitamin D in fortified milk or even going for a walk outside in the sun!


Glucosamine is a nutrient that is not as well known but it can help those who are suffering from joint pain.

It helps to rebuild bone and prevents cartilage from wearing. This supplement can be beneficial for adults with osteoarthritis.

It will also take several months before you will start noticing improvements in your joints.


Chondroitin is often combined with glucosamine and used to prevent joint pain. These two supplements can help rebuild cartilage of the knee.

Chondroitin can sometimes be recommended for people who have osteoarthritis because it slows down progression for these types of arthritis.


Turmeric can be taken as a supplement to help reduce turmeric supplement

Turmeric has been used for its health benefits for thousands of years.

An amazing supplement like Turmeric with BioPerine is an easy way for you to get your daily dose of turmeric.

This formula was developed by gym owner Cody Bramlett in San Diego, California.

Cody has helped many people over the years to regain their health through his training methods and carefully formulated supplements.

The main ingredients which make up this powerful formula are turmeric, BioPerine, and curcumin.

The key ingredients contain:

  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin B6
  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Fiber


This turmeric formula doesn’t just help with joint inflammation but it also helps melt unwanted body fat off your body.

The curcumin found in the turmeric reduces inflammation in your joints with no known side effects making this formula safe for everyday consumption.

To experience these amazing health benefits, all you have to do is take 2 capsules per day after having your meals.

Cody has made sure the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Many people who have used Turmeric with BioPerine have reported feeling their joint pain started to lessen after a couple of days of using this Turmeric supplement.

With less joint pain you’ll also be able to have a good nights sleep.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most common drinks you can find almost everywhere you go.vee-o-226-unsplash

Many studies have shown the beneficial properties of green tea and how it helps your body.

Polyphenols is a property found in green tea are antioxidants which help reduce inflammation.

Green tea also contains a compound known as EGCG, which is very beneficial for people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.

This compound limits the production of certain molecules within your immune system which can lead to inflammation and joint pain.

ECGC can also help protect your cartilage and bones, keeping them strong and healthy.

Green tea also keeps you awake and alert. I like to have a cup of green tea in the morning instead of a coffee.

Green tea doesn’t give me the jittery feeling compared to coffee.

Furthermore, the antioxidants in green tea may also help lower your risk of cancers such as skin, lung, breast, colon, and prostate.

What I like most about green tea is easy to access and can be bought almost everywhere.

Green Juice

It is common for you to follow specific diets to manage your inflammation. This is perfectly fine and great for keeping your joints healthy.

You can also use a supplement such as Organifi Green Juice as part of your diet.rawpixel-707572-unsplash (1)

It is versatile and can suit many diet plans since it is:

  • vegan
  • gluten-free
  • contains no GMO’s
  • USDA approved organic ingredients

The sugar contained in this drink is extracted from healthy sources, not used as a sweetener in this drink.

Prevention Methods at Home

Apart from diet and supplements, there are other helpful things you can do to keep your joints in great health and shape.

First off, you should stop consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

Alcohol causes inflammation resulting in illnesses like gout. People who smoke regularly have a higher chance of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

Cutting back on these habits will be hard at first, but your body will thank you in the future.

Sleep is also important with keeping your joints healthy. Make sure you are getting enough sleep each night.

You can limit the amount of time you use your devices an hour before bedtime. This means switching off your TV, tablet, smartphone, laptop etc.

The blue light emitting from these devices will cause you to stay awake.

You should also exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. This can be simple as going for a walk.

Exercising regularly allows the body to release stress and improve your sleep at night.

Discuss with your physician before starting ant intense physical activity if you’re just starting out.

If you sit down at a desk for work, it is important to make sure your ergonomics is correct. Your chair and desk should be at a hight that is comfortable for you to work.

If you regularly experience joint pain from work, you should speak with your HR manager about creating a workspace to suit your comfort.

Final thoughts

Overall, taking care of your joints isn’t too difficult. There is an abundance of vitamins and supplement which you can choose from.

Many of these supplements can be purchased over the counter at your local grocery and drug store.

You should get most of your nutrients from eating well balanced whole foods. However, if you don’t have the time or resources.

You can try a superfood drink like Organifi Green Juice can give you all the nutrients you need in one easy to make a drink.

Apart from eating healthy, make sure you are dedicating at least 30 minutes a day to exercising.

By developing the right habits, you will have a healthier and brighter future for your joints and bones.

For more fitness and weight loss tips, head over to totalbeings.

5 Leg Exercises You Can do at Home For Stronger Legs


Benefits of leg exercises

Boosts Metabolism

Our leg muscles are the largest muscles on the body.
When performing leg exercises, it requires our body to use more energy and burning more calories.

Increased Growth Hormone & Testosterone

Research shows performing squats are a great way to build muscle fast.
With the increase in growth hormone and testosterone, you will continue to grow more muscle and increase your strength naturally.

Functional Strength

Strong legs and core muscles will help you develop a stronger upper body, keeping you more symmetrical.
Strong legs can improve your speed, allow you to jump higher and improve your athleticism.
Having strong legs comes in handy when you need to bend your knees to pick up a heavy box.

1. Star Jump


Starts of by standing with both feet together, arms are extended and hands by your sides.
Now bend your knees and jump up spreading your legs wider than hip width.
While you’re jumping, raise both arms so they meet above your head.
When descending, bring both feet together and your arms and hands back to starting position.
Try and complete as many as reps as you can within 1 minute then take a minute break and repeat, completing a total of 3 sets.

2. In & Out Squat





Get into your squat stance and imagine if you were a crab walking side to side.
Remember to keep your core tight and focus on your form.
Complete as many reps as you can within 1 minute.
Total of 3 sets with 1-minute breaks in between.

3. Pilates Swimming




Start by laying down flat on your stomach with arms extended over your head.
Now lift your left arm and right leg together, similar to swimming freestyle.
Remember to tense your abs and making sure they stay touching the ground.
Repeat and alternate for the opposite side for 1 minute.
Complete a total of 3 sets with 1 minute breaks in-between.

4. Bulgarian Split Squat






This exercise will require a chair or box to keep one foot elevated.
Start in a split stance, keeping your body upright and front foot on the floor.
Now lower yourself until the rear knee is almost touching the ground.
Slowly rise back up to your starting position and repeat for opposite leg.
Complete as many reps within 1 minute. Complete 3 sets with a 1-minute break in-between.
Form is very important, making sure your front knee doesn’t go past your toes.

5. Isometric  Squat Hold



This exercise will require a wall.
Start by placing your feet shoulder apart just like you would do for a normal squat.
Slowly lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
Hold this position for 1 minute.
Make sure to time yourself. Complete 3 sets with a 1-minute break in-between.
These exercises are great for those who do not like going to the gym and prefer exercising at home.
I recommend warming up before starting your workout.

How to Lose Weight FAST in just 4 weeks!

this is an image of exercising at home

How to Lose Weight at Home FAST

Our body chooses to store fat all over our body. People get this misconception about fat being just around our belly.

When I started getting more serious about going to the gym and growing my muscles, no matter how much weight I lifted, my muscles never looked defined.

After changing up my diet, I noticed I could see more definition with my muscles, especially on my arms.

The most effective way of losing weight is by eating right and exercising more, increasing this is an image of weight on scalethe intensity as you become more fit.

To do this, we must replace body fat with lean, sexy muscles. Oh yea!

To turn your body into a fat burning terminator, you must focus on compound exercises which target a variety of muscles at the same time.

Why compound exercises and not isolation exercises? Well, compound exercises help you burn fat much quicker since you’re using more parts of your body when you do a compound exercise.

My favorite compound lift would be the squat. The squat exercise with a barbell is known in the weight fitting world as the king of all lifts.

When I was a newbie at the gym, I noticed a lot of muscle development when I just focused on lifting heavy with the squat exercises.

woman wearing pink sports bra and black draw string pantsThe amazing part about focusing on squats was that I was also able to break through plateaus.

Compound exercises are just efficient and you’ll spend less time in the gym.

However, I know some people may not have access to a gym or have any equipment, I have put together a routine which uses only your body weight.

Whether you’re in the gym or at home, bodyweight exercises can also be an effective alternative in helping you shred all that fat off your body.

Doing bodyweight exercises regularly can also help you correct any bad form you may have developed over time in and outside of the gym.


10 Body Weight Workout Routine

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds and take a 20-second break. Perform all 10 exercises back to back and resting for 1 minute.

Your goal is to complete a total of 4 circuits approximately 40 minutes.

If this is your first time performing something a bit vigorous you can always complete 1 circuit today and progress as you feel more comfortable.

Jumping Jacks

As you are performing jumping jacks, using your breathing as a rhythm can help you perform this exercise more easily.

When extending your arms, be careful of how flexible you are in case you injure your rotator cuff. You could also try half-jacks, bringing your arms parallel and back down.


Depending on your flexibility, start with hands shoulder-width apart, keeping your core tight and back straight, go down and push up using your chest.

Try and do as many reps as you can. Don’t worry if you struggle, there is always room for improvement. Just enjoy the process for now. This applies to all the exercises in this routine.

Mountain Climber

Mountain climber is a great compound movement which helps target multiple muscle groups.

When you are performing this exercise, imagine if you were climbing a mountain. This exercise with target your legs, upper body, and core.

Alternate lunges

This exercise can be a total lower body workout itself and great for when you’re running low on time if you’re looking for a quick workout.

Try and keep your legs at a 90-degree angle and focus on squeezing your glutes when performing this exercise.

High Knee

Try and touch your knees with your hands when you jump up. This exercise is great for increasing your rate which helps your body burn more fat.

Tricep Dip

Start with hands on the floor shoulder width apart, place both legs in front of your body and knees slightly bent, push up using your arms, focusing on your triceps.


Burpees are one of the best bodyweight exercises you can do to lose body fat fast. If this is your first time trying burpees, it’s ok if you struggle.

But don’t worry as you progress over time burpees will be easy peasy.

Start off with placing your hands like you would start off a push-up, then bring both legs in and jump up like you’re reaching for the sky. Try and complete as many as you can within 40 seconds.


The king of lifts. Squats are awesome because it requires many muscle groups thus promoting muscle growth around your body.

Squats increase not just your lower body but also upper body strength.

Squats have helped me break through plateaus when I’m using weights.

That’s because squats help the body produce vital hormones responsible for more muscle growth, which means more strength.

If I could only do one exercise forever I would choose squats.

When doing the squat at home, remember to keep your back straight, legs shoulder apart and push through your heels.

Imagine if you were sitting in a chair, concentrate on your breathing and keeping your whole body tight.


The plank focuses on using our core and lower back muscles. This is an excellent core exercise which will make your abs burn up in no time.

Start with placing your elbows on the floor, keeping your back straight and your abs tight. Hold this position as long as you can.

Spiderman plank

Similar to the previous plank exercise, the spiderman plank works out your side abs. Place your hands apart and bring the knee in towards your waste, repeating on each side. Do as many as you can in 40 seconds. Just take your time and focus on the form if this is your first time.


The Smoothie Diet – Does it Help with Weight Loss?

rawpixel-707572-unsplash (1)

The alarm goes off and you reach out to snooze it for the third time.

You finally get up to check your phone and realized you only have 20 minutes to get ready to run out the door.

This was my typical morning for many many years.

Over time, I developed a bad habit of eating mindlessly every morning. By the time I got to my office, I felt even more tired and I just couldn’t focus…

If you’re like me and can relate, we all know having enough time each day can be our design desk display eyewearbiggest challenge when it comes to replenishing our body with the vital nutrients and minerals it needs daily.

With so many different types of diets out there, it can get quite overwhelming.

That’s why it’s important to follow a program which has been proven results, with proper guidance and support.

Starting any diet requires you to be consistent so that you can keep a healthy body weight long term.

The Smoothie Diet by Drew Sgoutas is a diet program designed to help people lose weight. His recipes are designed to keep your sugar consumption low and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

The Smoothie Diet is packed full with healthy and delicious recipes, recipe cards to help you with grocery shopping, weight loss, and nutrition tips and many bonuses.

If you’re skeptical, Drew also offers a 14 day trial for just $5.

Keep reading to see some of the customers Drew has helped achieve their goals.

Note: Please consult a professional before making big changes to your diet. Try not to swap out too many of your meals for smoothies which can have the potential to cause problems for your health.

Who is the author of The Smoothie Diet

The Smoothie Diet was created by Health Coach and Nutrition Expert, Drew Sgoutas.

He has been helping people lose for more than 7 years.

Drew is a health professional and his passion can be seen throughout the smoothie program which has helped people lose weight within 5 weeks!

What is included in The Smoothie Die

The Smoothie Diet is a digital program which you can download to any device.

This is great if you’re traveling a lot since you don’t have to carry multiple recipe books with you.

You’ll be able to eat healthy whenever and wherever.

You can access all guides, recipes, and booklets on most devices.

You don’t have to worry about shipping costs or wait for a package to arrive.


Here is a sneak peek of what you’ll get:

Main guide

Chapter 1: Fat Burning 101

Chapter 2: Smoothie Basics

Chapter 3: What to Eat

Chapter 4: The Program Weeks

Chapter 5: FAQ

Chapter 6: Conclusion

Chapter 7: Recipes

Smoothie Schedule

5 Week Program for 7 Days a Week (Sunday is a cheat day)

Shopping Lists

How to navigate a grocery store

Shopping lists for each week of the program

Recipe Cards

Printable recipe cards for each recipe

Daily Journal

Journal for each week

Mood, energy, digestion, cravings tracker

Mind, exercise tracker

Healthy Eating Guide

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Healthy Eating Basics

Chapter 3: Healthy Eating Tips + 7 Meal Plans

Workout Plan

Fast Fat Blasting Workouts for Busy People


Beginner Workouts

Intermediate Workouts

Advanced Workouts

Diabetes-Friendly Smoothies

42 Diabetes-Friendly Smoothies

Gluten-Free Smoothies

42 Gluten-Free Smoothies

Smoothies for Kids

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Eating Healthy Early in Life

Chapter 3: The Power Lies in You

Chapter 4: Breakfast Skipping – An Absolute No-No

Chapter 5: Boost Your Child’s Nutritional Intake with Smoothies

Chapter 6: A More Effective Way to Classifying Foods

Chapter 7: Conclusion

Chapter 8: 5 Fruit Smoothies

Chapter 9: 5 Green Smoothies


A full diet plan, easy to follow and maintain

Direct personal access to health coach Drew for any question or help you need

Affordable price and a trial option

No-risk refund in case you find it not for you

Great additional bonuses


A downloadable product, not a physical book. However, you can print it if you wish, or just use with a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

To see results you must follow the plan for at least 3 weeks (well, I don’t know of anyone who lost weight by doing nothing


Drew Sgoutas has a large number of clients he’s coached

Here are examples of before and after:

Final Thoughts

Following Drew’s smoothie diet plan has saved me so much time. His program is easy to follow but also comprehensive and high quality.

This has reduced my sugar cravings in the morning when I’m feeling low in energy.

I have more energy throughout the day which has helped me add exercise back into my daily routine.

I’m a person who doesn’t really like to eat many vegetables because of its taste, but Drew has carefully crafted these recipes which I absolutely enjoy!

To be honest, I think there isn’t a single recipe which I didn’t like.

For $5 for a 14-day trial, I recommend you give it a go. Losing weight takes consistency, a healthy diet, and some lifestyle changes.

Check out a more in-depth review over at Total Beings.



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What is a Good Diet for Gout?

this is an image of a healthy gout diet

How to Manage Gout with a Good Diet

Gout is a type of painful arthritis which is caused by deposits of urate crystals. These crystals form in between our joints cause swelling and pain.

Gout usually affects the big toe for most people, while others experience gout in the fingers, wrists, knees, and heels.

Gout occurs when uric acid in the blood increases, causing inflammation. Uric acid is a waste product when our body digests certain foods.

Gout attacks usually happen at night time, lasting from 3-10 days.

So how does our diet affect gout? 

When you eat certain foods high in purines, your body creates uric acid as a waste product.

Foods which are high in purine are more likely to cause a gout attack once uric acid levels rise.

Healthy people are able to remove excess uric acid more efficiently from their bodies, thus able to process high purine foods.

If you suffer from gout, a high purine diet will increase the chances of gout attacks.

What foods to avoid with a gout flare up?

If you experience gout attacks regularly, you must avoid the main culprits…high purine foods.

Here are high purine and high fructose foods to avoid when you have a gout attack (Contains 200 mg of purine per 3.5 ounces):

Organ meats: Liver, kidneys, and brain

Game meats: pheasant, veal and venison

Fish: Trout, mackerel, tuna, sardines, anchovies etc…

Seafood: Crab. shrimp, roes

Sugary Beverages: Fruit juices and sugary sodas

Sugars: Honey and high fructose corn syrup

Refined carbs: White bread, cakes, and cookies. These are not high in purines or fructose but are low in nutrient which can raise your uric acid levels.

What foods should you eat to get rid of gout?

A gout-friendly diet does eliminate many foods which we love. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of tasty low purine foods you will enjoy.

Here are low purine foods safe for people experiencing gout (4-6 ounces | 115-170 grams per week):

Fruits: Fruit is generally fine for gout. Cherries can also prevent gout attacks by lowering uric acid levels

Vegetables: Vegetables, including potatoes, peas, mushrooms, and dark leafy vegetables

Legumes: Legumes including lentils, beans, soybeans, and tofu

Nuts: All types of nuts and seeds are safe

Whole grains: Oats, brown rice and barley

Dairy products: Low-fat dairy is very beneficial


Beverages: Coffee and tea

Herbs and spices: The more the merrier

Plant-based oils: Canola, coconut and olive

Other foods you can eat in moderations:

Meats: Chicken, beef, pork, and lamb

Fresh fish or canned salmon: Salmon contains lower levels of purines compared to most fish

7 Day Gout Diet Plan


Breakfast: Oats combined with Greek yogurt and berries if you like

Lunch: Quinoa salad, boiled eggs, and veggies

Dinner: Whole wheat pasta, chicken, spinach and low-fat feta cheese


Breakfast: Combine 1/2 cup of berries, 1/2 cup of spinach, 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt and 1/4 cup of low-fat milk. Blend together for a smoothie

Lunch: Whole grain sandwich with eggs and fresh salad

Dinner: Roast chicken, vegetables and brown rice


Breakfast: Prepare for overnight oats – 1/3 cup of rolled oats, 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt, 1/3 cup of low-fat milk, 1tbsp chia seeds, 1/4 cup berries, and 1/4 tsp vanilla extra. Sit overnight.

Lunch: Whole wheat wrap combined with chickpeas and vegetables

Dinner: Oven baked salmon, asparagus and cherry tomatoes


Prepare for overnight chia seed pudding:

1/3 cup rolled oats

1 cup Greek yogurt

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Sliced fruits

Let it sit in a bowl or mason jar overnight

Lunch: Salmon and salad

Dinner: Chicken, quinoa, spinach, eggplant, and feta salad


Breakfast: French toast and strawberries

Lunch: Whole grain sandwich, boiled eggs, and salad

Dinner: Stir-fried tofu, vegetables with brown rice


Breakfast: Mushroom and zucchini frittata

Lunch: Stir-fried tofu and brown rice

Dinner: DIY Chicken burger with fresh salad


Breakfast: Egg omelet, spinach, and mushrooms

Lunch: Whole wheat wrap, chickpeas, and vegetables

Dinner: Scrambled eggs, spinach, bell peppers wrapped in whole wheat tortillas

Lifestyle changes for preventing gout

Besides having a well-balanced diet, committing to lifestyle changes can also help lower the risk of gout attacks.

Losing weight

Excess weight can increase the risk of gout attacks because excess weight can make you more resistant to inulin. When our bodies can’t use the insulin to remove sugar from the blood, it increases uric acid levels. Slowly ease into the weight loss process and try not to starve yourself for faster results. When you are losing weight rapidly, it can increase the risk of gout attacks.

Exercise More

Exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight and also keep uric acids levels low.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated helps your body to remove excess uric acid from the blood, flushing it out via urine. It is important to stay hydrated if you exercise a lot since you will be losing a lot of water through sweating.

Limit alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol can reduce the body’s ability to remove uric acid efficiently. This leads to crystals forming in your joints.

Turmeric Supplement

Turmeric has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal benefits. You can try a powerful turmeric formula like Turmeric with BioPerine created by Cody Bramlett.

The organic ingredients of this supplement include potassium, calcium, vitamin K and B6, manganese, iron, chromium, and copper.

Many people who have used this supplement experienced their pain lessening after 2 days!

Green Juice

Green juices have become quite popular in the weight loss industry. Adding a healthy green drink to your diet can help your body remove toxins in your organs which can be causing your inflammation.

A simple drink like Organifi Green Juice can be made within a few minutes by adding it to a glass of water or juice of your choosing.

Organifi Green Juice is a powdered base drink, packed full of vitamins and minerals essential for your body.

The ingredients of this green drink include beet, spirulina, moringa, monk fruit, wheatgrass, ashwagandha, mint, lemon, turmeric, chlorella, coconut water and matcha green tea.

The wrap-up

Gout is a type of painful arthritis which can be avoided with a few lifestyle changes.

When you experience a gout attack, try to focus your diet on low purine foods and limit yourself from high purine foods.

Remember to maintain an active lifestyle, drink plenty of water and remember to be conscious of what you put in your body.

Body Weight Exercises for Fat Loss at Home


Are you looking to lose some weight, build some muscle but just don’t have the money and time to go to a gym?

The great news is, you can still lose weight by exercising with just your body weight. Best thing is, you can do these exercises in the comfort of your own home.

So no more fancy gym memberships and driving through traffic just so you can run on a treadmill.

People might think bodyweight exercises are a waste of time. However, these exercises allow you to transition from one exercise to another quick and easy.

This is awesome if you’re trying to lose more body fat. With shorter rest periods between exercises, it will allow you to keep your heart rate up and skyrocket your metabolism.

Running or Walking

You don’t need any expensive treadmills or ellipticals, just your legs and a comfortable pair of running shoes.

Ever wondered how athletes have amazing abs? They stick to a clean diet and burn their calories off through cardio training.

When you’re running or doing any form of cardio, remember to keep your core tight.

Tip: Try walking for at least 15 to 30 minutes. Depending on your fitness levels, you can add increments of 5 to 10 minutes combined with some slow jogging.



Squats is one of the best bodyweight exercises you can do. Squats help strengthen multiple muscle groups on your body, making it an efficient and effective exercise if you’re looking to build mass over time.

Furthermore, squats also help with loosening up tight muscles. For example, your hip muscles can become tight, leading to. This can lead to back pain and muscle imbalance.

Start with placing your feet shoulder-width apart, put your arms straight in front of you like Superman or place them behind your head.

Now imagine you were sitting down on a chair but this time the chair is not there. Push your hips and butt back while bending your knees.

Pop back up by pushing through your heels, keeping your chest up, back flat and looking straight ahead.

Try your best to squat as low as you can to experience the full benefits of squats.



Push Ups

Push-ups target your chest, shoulders, triceps and core muscles. It’s one of the best exercises you can do almost anywhere.

Place your hands on the ground, just slightly wider than should-width and lower yourself. the key is to keep your body tight, squeeze our glutes and tense your abs.



Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups

Also known as the upper body squat, both pull-ups and chin-ups work the back and arms. Chin-ups can be much easier to perform as it places a bit more stress on the biceps compared to pull-ups.


Pull-ups: your palms facing away from you


Chin-ups: your palms facing you

Start with your arms fully extended, hands about shoulder width apart, chest up and shoulders back. Pull yourself up toward the bar. Lower yourself slowly and focusing on a  controlled motion. Repeat until failure.

If you’re struggling to perform a single rep, you can focus on negatives. Simply jump and grab onto the bar like you’re about to do a chin-up/pull-up.

Now you will need a boost so that you jump above the bar and descend slowly until you reach the bottom. Negatives are great for building strength to prepare you for the real thing.



Crunches can help strengthen your core and also tones your abs. Performing many crunches may feel effective, however, they are not the best exercise for your abs.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart

Place your hands behind your head. Gently pull your abdominals inward. Hold for a moment at the top of the movement and slowly lower back down.



Walking Lunges

Lunges are a great exercise for building more mass in your thighs. Start off with taking a step forward so that your knee is bending at 90 degrees. To make this exercise more challenging, you can hold dumbbells to add more resistance to your lunges.



Tricep Dips

Tricep dips target the muscles that run backside of your upper arm, from should to elbow. Tricep dips do not require fancy equipment and help tone your arms.

Position your hands shoulder-width apart on a secured bench or chair. Lift your butt off the front of the bench with your legs extended. Arms are straightened, keeping a little bend in your elbows to keep tension on your triceps.

Slowly bending your elbows to lower your body towards the floor until your elbows are at about a 90-degree angle.

Press down into the bench to straighten your elbows, returning to the starting position. This completes one rep. Keep your shoulders down as you lower and raise your body.




Losing fat loss at home without expensive equipment is no different from being in the gym.

You need to focus on progressive overload, eat nutritious foods and resting enough for optimum recovery, ready for the next workout.

Before exercising, don’t forget to warm up to avoid injuries.

Spend about 5 minutes to get your heart rate pumping and muscles warm but don’t wear yourself out.

What are your workout routine ideas? Let me know in the comments.

How to Lose Belly Fat at Home

this is an image of weight loss
Start losing weight today! source:

How to Quickly Lose Excess Belly Fat at Home

Are you looking to shed some of that extra body fat? Have you fallen victim to those ads about a magic pill or fancy diet which promises to solve your weight loss problems?

I have bought into these fads in the past and ended up wasting more money and time…I was disappointed in the way I look and was desperate to make a change. I soon learned there are no shortcuts with weight loss. It takes time, dedication and discipline.

If you’re looking for a foolproof way to melt away that unwanted body fat, keep reading…

Here is my quick breakdown of the tips and tricks I used to develop healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes which have forever changed my life.

this is an image of sugar and candy

Remove All Junk Food

Temptations for something sweet and sugary is my number 1 enemy when it comes to losing excess weight.

In order to minimize my temptations, I remove all the junk food I have in my pantry.

I also clean out my desk and drawers at my office job as well.

When the day gets busy, I tend to munch on chocolate bars to give me energy.

Sugar is highly addictive and I recommend reducing the amount of sugar you have each day.

By removing the problem, it decreases the temptation of having it. Try having fruit instead.


Plan Out Your Meals

It’s challenging at first but once you start, it becomes very easy and your body will thank you in the long run.

The internet is full of healthy recipes which you can find and implement into your diet.

this is an image of planning out your meals

I like to write down all the meals and times throughout the day where I would most likely need food in my system. I use the old pen and paper method.

It sounds simple, but this has made it so much easier for me to figure out how much food I need to purchase and prep.

If you’re like me who gets bored of food easily, try to stick to a 2-week cycle. 1 week you will have recipes A, B and C. Week 2 you will have recipes X, Y and Z.

Remember to keep it simple and switch it up so you are always eating healthy.

“Ab’s are not made in the gym, they are made in the kitchen.”



Know When to Eat

It’s important to know when you need to eat and what type of foods you should be consuming. Think of your body as a car.

this is an image of a healthy meal

Would you put poor quality gas in your vehicle? Of course not! This same concept applies to your body.

In order for the body to run efficiently throughout the day, you need to fuel your body with the right types of nutrients.

Stick to the good types of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and a lot of fruit and vegetables.


Before you begin your day, breakfast is the first meal you shouldn’t skip especially if your goal is to lose weight. People think by skipping breakfast will help them lose weight even faster. I found it actually does the exact opposite.

When you skip a meal, you’re more likely to overeat in your next meal. Your body goes into starvation mode which tries to conserve energy.

I’ve fallen in this trap for a while and never realized the effects it has on my body. I recommend having a light breakfast and keeping it simple.

I personally enjoy boiled eggs or a shake/smoothie containing fresh berries and leafy greens. When I’m running low on time, I’ll use a green juice supplement which I can quickly down with water.

It’s always a great idea to drink water upon waking up since we are dehydrated from the long hours of sleep.

In the past, upon waking up, I would head straight to making a coffee. However, coffee made me feel even more dehydrated and more tired by the time I got to work.


Keep lunch light. Many times I’ve had a heavy lunch it never ended well. Most of the time I’m battling myself to stay awake at my desk. It’s embarrassing when your work college catches snoozing.

I always make sure to have some type of fruit to balance out the carbohydrates and protein intake.


Dinner time is family time. One of my favorite meals. I try my best to have dinner around 7-8pm. This allows my body to digest all the food that I have consumed before heading to bed.

Also, try to avoid anything with caffeine. When your body is awake, you’re more likely to snack on things you will later regret. Try your best to minimize the consumption of sugar.




Ignore The Scale

Hopping on and off on the scale consistently can have negative effects on your willingness to lose weight.

One day you lose 1 pound and the next day 1 gain it back again. this is an image of weight on scale

Out body weight can fluctuate depending on what we were eating and drinking throughout the day, this can be an unreliable source of indicating your current weight.

Instead, use a tape measure to measure your chest, high thigs, and biceps to get the best reading of your hard earned results.

Tape measure provides a more accurate indicator that you’re losing the excess weight.


Remove The Toxins

As we age, it becomes more difficult to lose weight especially if your metabolism has plateaued over time.

In order to lose weight fast, you must be healthy first and then lose weight second.

Why do we see so many people get excited to start a new diet program, lose a bit of weight and end up quitting?

This is because they’re choosing the incorrect diet program to follow.

this is an image of carbohydrates

Certain diets can cause spikes of insulin, making you retain weight instead of losing it.

Insulin is a hormone which triggers weight gain.

It is a fat storage hormone which blocks out the fat burning hormones your body needs in order to lose weight.

By having a glass of juice or piece of fruit can easily prevent you from losing any weight in the next 48 hours.

When you’re insulin levels go up, you gain weight.

So how do you lower insulin?

  1. Cut out carbohydrates and hidden sugars e.g bread, pasta
  2. Avoid combining protein and sugars in one meal
  3. Try to limit the amount of protein you consume
  4. Avoid MSG. MSG can spike your insulin levels up to 200%
  5. Do not stress. Stress increases cortisol and blood sugar levels
  6. Spread out your meals. Frequent eating also leads to weight gain if you have a sedentary lifestyle

Too much insulin can also cause dangerous long-term effects such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Fatty liver
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Stroke
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer


Organifi Green Juice

This is an easy drink which can be prepared within a few minutes! Just mix it with a glass of water or your favorite juice.

Organifi Green Juice is packed full of vitamins and minerals which are essential for your body.

The antioxidants in this powdered juice can help remove toxins from your body, allowing your organs to function more efficiently.


this is an image of a person walking

Keep Exercising

One of the most important pieces to the weight loss puzzle. The more exercise you do, the more it benefits your body and overall life.

If you’re coming from a very sedentary lifestyle, I recommend just going out for a walk. Yep, just walk around your neighborhood for at least 30 minutes a day.

30 minutes may sound long but it’s not. I love to listen to podcasts or audiobooks when I’m doing some form of exercise. It keeps my mind off the time and I’m also learning new things. How great is that!

The key to an effective workout is to do at least 30-40 minutes which keeps your heart rate up and makes you sweat.

You don’t need to sign up to a fancy gym in order to exercise daily. If you have the space at home, you can invest in an exercise bike or treadmill. I prefer an exercise bike since it doesn’t take up much room.

Yoga, swimming (if you have a pool) and kettle-bell raises can all be done in the comfort of your own home. If you have stairs, awesome!

Run up and down the stairs for a few minutes and I guarantee you will start sweating and your heart rate will skyrocket.

Remember to start off small. Don’t push yourself too hard if you’re just starting from a sedentary lifestyle. Always warm up your muscles before performing and vigorous activities.


Losing excess body fat may sound impossible at first, but with a few adjustments to your lifestyle can make the most difference.

Just remember to keep track of your food intake and always dedicate time each day to exercising.

Its always a good idea to detox your body once in a while so that all the toxins are removed so you’re are always functioning at your best.

What are your strategies on managing body fat at home? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

How to Relieve Stress Instantly!


14 Ways to Relieve Stress You Can Try Right Now

You know that feeling when you know you have an assignment due or something important to do that you have put off for weeks.

Saying to yourself, “I’ll do it tomorrow” and later regretting it big time… The pressure starts to kicks in and time is not on your side.

Now anxiety kicks in and you start to panic a little.

Welcome, stress.

Maybe you can relate?

How does stress affect you?

Chronic stress can lead to:

  • Poor sleep,
  • Low testosterone levels,
  • High blood pressure,
  • Heart attacks,
  • Infertility and erectile dysfunction,
  • Damaged Skin,
  • Stubborn body fat

Here are 14 Tips Which You Can Use to Relieve Your Stress Right Now

design desk display eyewear

1. Eat Something (healthy) or chew gum

Studies have shown that chewing on gum lowers your stress levels. You could also have some fruit or chew sugar-free gum to keep the calories down. But hey, if you’re stressed, have whatever you like (please be mindful)!

2. Do 20 minutes of yoga

Yoga helps lower resting cortisol levels and reduces stress. Just 20 minutes a day keeps the stress away. As a bonus, you’ll become more flexible with healthier joints.

You can find many yoga routines on Youtube which can be done almost anywhere with an internet connection.

You can also try Yogadownload if you’re looking for more personalized exercises which suit your fitness needs.

3. Meditate for 5 minutes

Meditating for 5 minutes a day has shown to lower blood pressure and also reduce cortisol. I love to meditate on the train when I’m heading to work just to clear my mind, preparing myself for the busy day up ahead.

You could try a guided meditation app for beginners on your phone right now.

4. Take a break from the computer

Long hours on the computer can increase your stress levels, resulting in loss of sleep and depression. Try to take frequent breaks throughout the day combined with some light stretching exercises.

Also, try not to use the computer 1 hour before you plan to sleep. Blue light emitted from our digital screens sends signals to your brain to create more serotonin to keep you awake. I think that is why I’m a night owl…

5. Listen to music

Music helps relieve stress by its soothing and relaxing our mind and body. For example, listening slow classical music can help slow your heart rate, lowering blood pressure and decrease cortisol levels.

When I’m feeling stress at work after having an argument with a coworker, I like to put on my headphones, sit back and relax.

If you’re learning how to meditate, music can help prevent the mind from wandering. There are plenty of great YouTube videos which you can try out right now.

6. Watch a funny video

When you’re feeling stressed or anxious watch a funny video or movie. Studies show laughter reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.

7. Social media blackout

Try to go a week without any social media. Studies have shown social media can make us feel depressed and unsatisfied with ourselves.

This is because what we see on social media can be manipulated and fabricated, making us feel inadequate when comparing ourselves to others.

8. Have a 10-minute walk

Its good to have a break and head outdoors for a quick walk around the neighborhood can help increase your endorphins. The more nature, the better!

9. Try aromatherapy

Research shows certain scents like lavender and peppermint can help reduce your stress.

Try lighting incense or use an aromatherapy diffuser combined with some meditation for a completely stress-free experience.

10. Take vitamin C.

Studies have shown taking vitamin C can reduce your cortisol and stress levels. You don’t need any fancy vitamin pills, simply use lemon juice and water for a quick boost.

There are many health benefits of drinking lemon water each day. I would recommend having some after waking up before you start your day.

11. Journal everyday

Try this out, write 3 new things you’re grateful for every morning. Doing this has shown to increase people’s happiness over time.

I enjoy writing about my thoughts each day in a journal. It’s a great method to learn more about yourself and how you can become a better version of yourself each day.

You can also use your phone if you don’t like writing.

12. Take a nap

Have a short 20-30 minute nap to reenergize. Research has shown napping reduces cortisol levels which is great stress relief.

I love taking these short naps to recharge after a long day. By allowing my brain to shut off and restart itself, I’m able to focus and be more productive before bedtime.

13. Have sex

Having sex releases endorphins which are the brain chemical for making us feel good and happy. Being intimate with your partner can also help boost your self-esteem and reduce anxiety.

14. Own a dog

Research has shown owning a dog can help reduce your stress. When you play with a dog, it helps increase stress-reducing hormones oxytocin and decreases the stress hormone, cortisol.

What are your methods to relieve stress? Let me know!