How to Relieve Stress Instantly!


14 Ways to Relieve Stress You Can Try Right Now

You know that feeling when you know you have an assignment due or something important to do that you have put off for weeks.

Saying to yourself, “I’ll do it tomorrow” and later regretting it big time… The pressure starts to kicks in and time is not on your side.

Now anxiety kicks in and you start to panic a little.

Welcome, stress.

Maybe you can relate?

How does stress affect you?

Chronic stress can lead to:

  • Poor sleep,
  • Low testosterone levels,
  • High blood pressure,
  • Heart attacks,
  • Infertility and erectile dysfunction,
  • Damaged Skin,
  • Stubborn body fat


Here are 14 Tips Which You Can Use to Relieve Your Stress Right Now

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1. Eat Something (healthy) or chew gum

Studies have shown that chewing on gum lowers your stress levels. You could also have some fruit or chew sugar-free gum to keep the calories down. But hey, if you’re stressed, have whatever you like (please be mindful)!


2. Do 20 minutes of yoga

Yoga helps lower resting cortisol levels and reduces stress. Just 20 minutes a day keeps the stress away. As a bonus, you’ll become more flexible with healthier joints.

You can find many yoga routines on Youtube which can be done almost anywhere with an internet connection.

You can also try Yogadownload if you’re looking for more personalized exercises which suit your fitness needs.


3. Meditate for 5 minutes

Meditating for 5 minutes a day has shown to lower blood pressure and also reduce cortisol. I love to meditate on the train when I’m heading to work just to clear my mind, preparing myself for the busy day up ahead.

You could try a guided meditation app for beginners on your phone right now.


4. Take a break from the computer

Long hours on the computer can increase your stress levels, resulting in loss of sleep and depression. Try to take frequent breaks throughout the day combined with some light stretching exercises.

Also, try not to use the computer 1 hour before you plan to sleep. Blue light emitted from our digital screens sends signals to your brain to create more serotonin to keep you awake. I think that is why I’m a night owl…


5. Listen to music

Music helps relieve stress by its soothing and relaxing our mind and body. For example, listening slow classical music can help slow your heart rate, lowering blood pressure and decrease cortisol levels.

When I’m feeling stress at work after having an argument with a coworker, I like to put on my headphones, sit back and relax.

If you’re learning how to meditate, music can help prevent the mind from wandering. There are plenty of great YouTube videos which you can try out right now.


6. Watch a funny video

When you’re feeling stressed or anxious watch a funny video or movie. Studies show laughter reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.


7. Social media blackout

Try to go a week without any social media. Studies have shown social media can make us feel depressed and unsatisfied with ourselves.

This is because what we see on social media can be manipulated and fabricated, making us feel inadequate when comparing ourselves to others.


8. Have a 10-minute walk

Its good to have a break and head outdoors for a quick walk around the neighborhood can help increase your endorphins. The more nature, the better!


9. Try aromatherapy

Research shows certain scents like lavender and peppermint can help reduce your stress.

Try lighting incense or use an aromatherapy diffuser combined with some meditation for a completely stress-free experience.


10. Take vitamin C.

Studies have shown taking vitamin C can reduce your cortisol and stress levels. You don’t need any fancy vitamin pills, simply use lemon juice and water for a quick boost.

There are many health benefits of drinking lemon water each day. I would recommend having some after waking up before you start your day.


11. Journal everyday

Try this out, write 3 new things you’re grateful for every morning. Doing this has shown to increase people’s happiness over time.

I enjoy writing about my thoughts each day in a journal. It’s a great method to learn more about yourself and how you can become a better version of yourself each day.

You can also use your phone if you don’t like writing.


12. Take a nap

Have a short 20-30 minute nap to reenergize. Research has shown napping reduces cortisol levels which is great stress relief.

I love taking these short naps to recharge after a long day. By allowing my brain to shut off and restart itself, I’m able to focus and be more productive before bedtime.


13. Have sex

Having sex releases endorphins which are the brain chemical for making us feel good and happy. Being intimate with your partner can also help boost your self-esteem and reduce anxiety.


14. Own a dog

Research has shown owning a dog can help reduce your stress. When you play with a dog, it helps increase stress-reducing hormones oxytocin and decreases the stress hormone, cortisol.

What are your methods to relieve stress? Let me know!


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